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Raymond Barlow Bio

Thanks for visiting my website! My photography starts and
finishes with my family. Daisy and Maria enjoy being
out in the field, the three of us are always together
while shooting, and editing!

(Updated October 1st, 2014)

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Born in Hamilton Ontario, I am one of eight children raised in Stoney Creek.  Our family heritage in Canada goes back to the 1,700's on both sides, so I guess I am very much a Canadian. 

Our parents took us camping several times a year, where my passion for adventure began. Intrigued by nature from a very young age, I wanted to some day be able to capture the beauty, and share the images with everyone.  

I started shooting slide film with an all-manual Canon Ftb in the late 70’s!
My serious photography dream became a reality when the digital age became affordable. I had a good sense of connection with photography, but it didn't really catch hold of it until the Nikon D70 camera and a 70-300 mm lens was in hand.

An intense passion for nature photograph started with that equipment back in 2003 when visiting the humpback whales with my boat in 2003.  What an incredible experience! From there, raptors and songbirds here in Ontario helped me develop my skills as a nature photographer.

My passion lives with sharing the beauty if nature.  My images resemble what I see as close as possible, never using any alternate light source.  My post processing is quick, and easy, as I try to do all the creative work in the field, with my camera.  Editing each image takes between 2-3 minutes to finish.

Learning bird photography is a long process.  Understanding the technical side came easy to me, with many years of SLR cameras, but photographing birds?  Well, this is a different story.
After about 3 years of daily study and practice, I started hosting workshops.  

Local programs here in southern Ontario helped keep me busy.  From there I started a full time business in January 2009.  Retired from my HVAC contracting business, then moving on to travel tours so Ecuador, Newfoundland, Yellowstone, Costa Rica, India and Africa became my favourite destinations.

The learning continues, as I develop this business, and my photography skills I really enjoy the challenge more then anything.  Helping others enjoy nature and learning nature skills can be most wonderful.

Thanks to everyone for the continued support.  The ride has been superb, and the sweet light gets better all the time.
Please respect nature, and take care. 


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