Saturday, October 6, 2012

Credit Card Payments

Credit Card and PayPal Payments

Please email me to make proper calculations for this payment.

There is a standard 3% surcharge 
for using this service.

If you have the total fee that I have 
sent you for the workshop, surcharge, 
and taxes, follow the instructions below.

At the bottom of this page,...  please click on the
 "Donate" button.

 If you are using your PayPal account, you are 
set to go, enter the correct information.

If you are using a Credit Card, then please click on
"Don't have PayPal? Click here"

From there, enter all the needed info, and send.

No matter what method you use, I will confirm with you 
once the funds are received.

If you have any questions, I can call you anywhere in 
Canada or the US, or Skype overseas.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fee Payment for Raymond Barlow Photography Tours

Thank you for your interest
in the workshops / tours.


Please do not make your payment without 
confirming with me your position is 
still available, and the
 method  you plan to use for payment.

We like to keep things simple as possible, so here are some guidelines 
to help you decide how to pay your fee for the workshop / tour.

Please check with me to make sure about the funds, we may be
charging in US funds, or Canadian Funds.

Travel Tours

If your are planning a tour to a destination such as Africa, Newfoundland, 
India, Costa Rica, - I recommend you go to your local bank 
and organize a wire transfer. 

Please email me for banking details, and I will send 
you all the info you need.


Local Ontario Workshops

Please reveiw these suggestions, then confirm with me via email
before you make your payment.

With smaller payments, we have several recommendations.

Bank Transfer :

If you use the same Canadian bank that I use, you can go to
your local branch, and direct deposit into my account.

Email Transfer:

if you are set up for online banking, from any major Canadian Bank
or Credit Union, you can open up your account on your 
computer, go to "make a transfer", then click 
on "make an email transfer". From there you need to add
my name and email address as a payee, then set up a security question
and answer, then create the email transfer.
There is a small fee, I believe $1.25
for each transfer.

Cheque Payment:

Please make out a cheque to Raymond Barlow and forward to my address

13 Sandra Crescent, 
Grimsby, Ontario, Canada
L3M 4Y8

PayPal or Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard)

Please email me for further instructions
to process your payment through Credit Card or

 Please click these licks below for 
needed information... 

My cell number - 905 520 8853


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Workshops in Ontario with Raymond Barlow

Preparing for a Workshop

Thank you for signing up as we look forward to helping you prepare for our upcoming program.

First, please refer to the workshop page for arrival times and locations.  We meet on location for all workshops, there is plenty of parking and facilities for bathrooms etc.  I do recommend that you bring
any food and / or drinks necessary for your stay.  Thanks to my friend Nelson Harrison for this equipment and preparation checklist below.

Photography Workshop/Vacation Checklist

List of things to be done before going on workshop/vacation
  • Charge camera batteries
  • Charge flash batteries
  • Check camera exposure settings (eg. if set to Av – is f-stop set correctly)
  • Check White Balance setting on camera
  • Check resolution settings (RAW recommended)
  • Check ISO setting
  • Check sensor for dust
  • Check lenses for dust etc and clean if needed
  • Check auto focus switch on lenses
  • Check Image Stabilization switch on lenses
  • Check White Balance setting on camera
  • Format memory cards in camera (make sure have at least 2 copies before formatting memory card)
  • Check weather forecast for where you are shooting
Clothes etc

Camera Body

Extra Battery 
Hiking Boots/Hiking Shoes
Battery Charger
Vest/Splash Pants
Backup Camera Body( do not pack in check in luggage)
Extra Batteries 
Rain Gear 
Plastic bags large/small

Wide Zoom

Other Stuff

Lens cleaning “stuff”
Air canister
Bug protection 

GPS/Directions/Contact Info
Memory Cards
External Flash
First Aid Kit
External Flash - Backup
Bracket & cable
AA Batteries
AA Battery Charger
Tripod/Tripod Head(s)/Plate(s)
Wrench to tighten tripod Monopod 
Business Cards/paper/pen/pencil 
LCD Screen magnifier 
Release Forms 
Cable release 
Reflectors large/small

If Staying Over Night / Travel

All travel documents, visa, drivers license
Travel doctors records
Weigh Scale for baggage
Change for toll(s)
Card Reader
External Hard Drive / s
Circular Polarizer
Graduated ND

Cellphone Charger
Extension Cord
Camera Manual(s)

Please add to this list, and email me your suggestions!
Thanks Nelson!

If you need any help with your camera, or settings, please email me at your leisure.
If you would like to arrange a private meeting before the workshop happens to review any questions or information, I would be happy to meet you on location 1 hour before the group arrives for an added fee.

For preparation, the most important thing to do is get ready for the weather.  Check the weather for local reports, and dress accordingly.  

Please write down your questions.. I am here to help you., and will do whatever I can to make sure you go home with excellent images.  I can help you before, during and after the program, just ask!

We are always looking for more guests, if you are bringing a friend, we can give you discounts.  Also, friends and family who are not photographers are welcome to hang out and watch.  We cannot allow them to use cameras, but this may be an enjoyable day for the family.  Please let me know by email on how many non-photographer guests you intend to bring, as we do have limits.

If you would like a phone call, I am almost always available, with a reasonable notice.  Send me your number, and the best time to call, and we can chat on the phone or Skype.

Kind regards

 Please click these links below for 
needed information... 

My cell number - 905 520 8853

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Raymond Barlow Slideshows

Please click on these links to view
some theme slideshows.

More slideshows to be created soon!

If you have any questions, please email me here!

 Please click these licks below for 
needed information... 

My cell number - 905 520 8853


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Buy and Sell

 Buy and Sell Postings

Simple rules!  Send me your name, email, 
product photo/s and the basic details of 
the product/s you wish to sell, and 
I will post everything here.


or call 905-977-9234

Panasonic Lumix LX7 
plus: external view finder
custom leather case:
current price for all @ Henry’s $773.47 350.00
incl. tax 

Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM 495.00
Henry’s $994.39 incl tax

Tokina Pro DX 11-16mm F2.8 
for Canon (used twice)
Henry’s $ 790.99 incl tax   380.00
Sigma EF 50mm F1.4 DG HSM Canon           295.00
Camera and all lenses are in mint condition and come in their original boxes with all included accessories.
Really Right Stuff L-bracket for GH2 65.00
Really Right Stuff Universal L-bracket 65.00
Lowepro Slingshot 100 AW camera bag          20.00
Lowepro S&F LensCase 4 fits 70-200 mm lens  10.00
InCase Brown Nylon bag for 15” laptop
(brown, faux fur lining / two outside + one rear pocket)   20.00  
Gary Fong LightSphere II (2)
P3 Cloud 10.00
C3 Clear 10.00

Hoya 77mm  Infrared R72 $60.00  (similar on e-bay for $100.00 +)
Hoya 72mm  Infrared R72   50.00

Tiffen 72mm circular polarizer filter       20.00
Hoya PRO1 Digital Circular Polarizer 72mm   35.00

Adobe Photoshop CS3 by Scott Kelby
Photoshop CS3 Visual Quickstart Guide 
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Classroom in a Book Aperture 2  
Apple Pro Training Series
or call 905-977-9234





Friday, April 22, 2011

On-line Email Consulting

On-line Consulting for Wildlife Photography
Learn via Email!

I am developing a new program that involves education through means of online communications.  Simple, but yet very effective.  I can work with you and your specific needs.

* Image Critique
* Technical info
* Camera Set-up
* Lens and Camera Purchasing Help
* Accessory Suggestions
* Wildlife Technique Education
* Locations and Migration Information
* Telephone Calls anywhere in
North America

I can't imagine an easier way to learn.  I found one of the best methods to educate myself was photography forums.   I think that having the opportunity to work with someone to answer more critical questions would be cool.  An easy to understand venue like emails would be a great service to provide the wildlife photographer whom is eager to gain new and interesting skills.

It is as easy as sending me an email!

To open the door to Ray's Email Workshops, just send me an email, and pay a reasonable sum of $200.00 US.  This will provide you with 3 months of unlimited service.   To be honest, I enjoy answering emails, and questions, helping people improve the enjoyment of nature photography is a very rewarding experience.

If you have any questions about the service, please feel
free to ask any time....

Please note, there are no refunds once you sign up
and the consulting begins.
These shots below are amoung the best images of my life, please let me 
know if you would like to know exactly how I took the shot.!
Just click on the image for a larger view!

 Please click these licks below for 
needed information... 

My cell number - 905 520 8853


Raymond Barlow Bio

Thanks for visiting my website! My photography starts and
finishes with my family. Daisy and Maria enjoy being
out in the field, the three of us are always together
while shooting, and editing!

(Updated October 1st, 2014)

(please click on these images for a larger size!)

Born in Hamilton Ontario, I was one of eight children raised in Stoney Creek.  Our family heritage goes back to the 1,700's on both sides, so I guess I am very much a Canadian.  Our parents took us camping several times a year, where my passion for adventure began.

Intrigued by nature from a very young age, I wanted to some day be able to capture the beauty, and share the images with everyone.  Some day I will dig up some of those early slides from my first cameras, and convert them to digital.

My serious photography dream became a reality when
the digital age became affordable.  Back when my first camera was a
Canon Ftb, about a roll of film a week was all I could afford.
I had a sense of connection with photography, but didn't really catch
hold of it until the D70 and a 70-300 mm was in hand.

My first passion was photographing my golf friends, as golf was my life back in 2005!  Then, birds became a realistic possibility.  The challenge was immense! Learning how to photograph birds was just the project I needed as my back could no longer deal with the golf swing any longer.

My passion lives with sharing the beauty if nature.  My images
resemble what I see as close as possible, never using any alternate
light source.  My post processing is quick, and easy, as I try
to do all my creative work outside, with my camera.  My usual
image takes between 2-3 minutes to process.

Growing up in Stoney Creek, Ontario and now living in nearby
Grimsby, with very little knowledge of birds, I thought the
chances for good photography were very minimal.  Many hours
in the field, with help from a few area photographers, and
I was on my way.

Learning bird photography is a long process.  Understanding the technical side came easy to me, with many years of SLR cameras, but birds?  Well, this is a different story.

After about 3 years of daily study and practice, I started hosting workshops.  Local programs here in southern Ontario helped keep me busy., from there I started a full time business in January 2008.  Retired from my HVAC contracting business, then moving on to travel tours, Newfoundland, Yellowstone, Costa Rica, and Africa became my favorite destinations. 

Now we have Ecuador, India, Romania, and Svalbard coming up
over the next year or two, lots to do!

The learning continues, the best thing about this business is the
ability to help others.  Developing the business is now my
biggest challenge, and with help from so many people
 I am doing very well.

Thanks to everyone for the continued support.  The ride
has been superb, and the sweet light gets better all the time.

Please respect nature, and take care.

Also, my Facebook group page is here.
My workshops page, click here!
My main home page for your bookmarks... click here!
My Flickr Account, please click here!
Pbase Galleries
Blog for Raymond Barlow

If there is anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate
to email me using the link below., or call me on my cell line ....
905 520 8853
take care always.

 Please click these licks below for 
needed information... 

My cell number - 905 520 8853