Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fee Payment for Raymond Barlow Photography Tours

Thank you for your interest
in the workshops / tours.


Please do not make your payment without 
confirming with me your position is 
still available, and the
 method  you plan to use for payment.

We like to keep things simple as possible, so here are some guidelines 
to help you decide how to pay your fee for the workshop / tour.

Please check with me to make sure about the funds, we may be
charging in US funds, or Canadian Funds.

Travel Tours

If your are planning a tour to a destination such as Africa, Newfoundland, 
India, Costa Rica, - I recommend you go to your local bank 
and organize a wire transfer. 

Please email me for banking details, and I will send 
you all the info you need.


Local Ontario Workshops

Please reveiw these suggestions, then confirm with me via email
before you make your payment.

With smaller payments, we have several recommendations.

Bank Transfer :

If you use the same Canadian bank that I use, you can go to
your local branch, and direct deposit into my account.

Email Transfer:

if you are set up for online banking, from any major Canadian Bank
or Credit Union, you can open up your account on your 
computer, go to "make a transfer", then click 
on "make an email transfer". From there you need to add
my name and email address as a payee, then set up a security question
and answer, then create the email transfer.
There is a small fee, I believe $1.25
for each transfer.

Cheque Payment:

Please make out a cheque to Raymond Barlow and forward to my address

13 Sandra Crescent, 
Grimsby, Ontario, Canada
L3M 4Y8

PayPal or Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard)

Please email me for further instructions
to process your payment through Credit Card or

 Please click these licks below for 
needed information... 

My cell number - 905 520 8853


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