Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Workshops in Ontario with Raymond Barlow

Preparing for a Workshop

Thank you for signing up as we look forward to helping you prepare for our upcoming program.

First, please refer to the workshop page for arrival times and locations.  We meet on location for all workshops, there is plenty of parking and facilities for bathrooms etc.  I do recommend that you bring
any food and / or drinks necessary for your stay.  Thanks to my friend Nelson Harrison for this equipment and preparation checklist below.

Photography Workshop/Vacation Checklist

List of things to be done before going on workshop/vacation
  • Charge camera batteries
  • Charge flash batteries
  • Check camera exposure settings (eg. if set to Av – is f-stop set correctly)
  • Check White Balance setting on camera
  • Check resolution settings (RAW recommended)
  • Check ISO setting
  • Check sensor for dust
  • Check lenses for dust etc and clean if needed
  • Check auto focus switch on lenses
  • Check Image Stabilization switch on lenses
  • Check White Balance setting on camera
  • Format memory cards in camera (make sure have at least 2 copies before formatting memory card)
  • Check weather forecast for where you are shooting
Clothes etc

Camera Body

Extra Battery 
Hiking Boots/Hiking Shoes
Battery Charger
Vest/Splash Pants
Backup Camera Body( do not pack in check in luggage)
Extra Batteries 
Rain Gear 
Plastic bags large/small

Wide Zoom

Other Stuff

Lens cleaning “stuff”
Air canister
Bug protection 

GPS/Directions/Contact Info
Memory Cards
External Flash
First Aid Kit
External Flash - Backup
Bracket & cable
AA Batteries
AA Battery Charger
Tripod/Tripod Head(s)/Plate(s)
Wrench to tighten tripod Monopod 
Business Cards/paper/pen/pencil 
LCD Screen magnifier 
Release Forms 
Cable release 
Reflectors large/small

If Staying Over Night / Travel

All travel documents, visa, drivers license
Travel doctors records
Weigh Scale for baggage
Change for toll(s)
Card Reader
External Hard Drive / s
Circular Polarizer
Graduated ND

Cellphone Charger
Extension Cord
Camera Manual(s)

Please add to this list, and email me your suggestions!
Thanks Nelson!

If you need any help with your camera, or settings, please email me at your leisure.
If you would like to arrange a private meeting before the workshop happens to review any questions or information, I would be happy to meet you on location 1 hour before the group arrives for an added fee.

For preparation, the most important thing to do is get ready for the weather.  Check the weather for local reports, and dress accordingly.  

Please write down your questions.. I am here to help you., and will do whatever I can to make sure you go home with excellent images.  I can help you before, during and after the program, just ask!

We are always looking for more guests, if you are bringing a friend, we can give you discounts.  Also, friends and family who are not photographers are welcome to hang out and watch.  We cannot allow them to use cameras, but this may be an enjoyable day for the family.  Please let me know by email on how many non-photographer guests you intend to bring, as we do have limits.

If you would like a phone call, I am almost always available, with a reasonable notice.  Send me your number, and the best time to call, and we can chat on the phone or Skype.

Kind regards

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My cell number - 905 520 8853

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